This Spring Discover New YouTube Shopping Features


In the past year, YouTube simplified tagging for creators, expanded our affiliate program, and more. In 2023, viewers spent over 30 billion hours watching shopping-related videos on YouTube, with a 25% rise in watch time for shopping guides! As spring brings fresh vibes and new product launches from brands and creators, YouTube is thrilled to unveil more updates. Viewers can now easily shop for their favorites from their cherished creators. The horizon for YouTube Shopping looks brighter than ever.

Let’s make it simple: Spring has sprung, and with it comes a fresh array of updates from YouTube Shopping. As viewers continue to embrace shopping-related content, YouTube is rolling out innovative features to enhance the shopping experience for both creators and audiences. From simplified tagging to exclusive deals and curated collections, here’s what’s new and exciting in YouTube Shopping.

Shopping Collections Now Available

Shopping Collections offers creators a platform to showcase products from their preferred brands or even their own creations. Choose a range of items fitting any theme, from your daily makeup choices to a curated wardrobe.

For inspiration, explore collections like LongHairPrettyNails’ “Spring Nail Must-Haves,” Sydney Morgan’s “Preppy Essentials” featuring her beloved skincare and makeup, or Johnny Ross’s Sephora Savings Event picks.

Collections will feature in a creator’s product list, Store tab, and video descriptions. Initially, creators can create Collections via the Studio app on their mobile, with desktop availability coming soon.

The YouTube team believes Collections will enable creators to set up their virtual store on YouTube, enhancing product visibility and boosting earnings!

YouTube Shopping Affiliates Hub - Discover exclusive offers and promos

Everyone loves a great deal! YouTube introducing an Affiliate Hub within the YouTube app. Creators can access the latest Shopping partners, attractive commission rates, promo codes, and even request product samples from top brands. 

The Affiliate Hub simplifies the process for creators to gather information and plan their next shoppable video.

Enhanced Earning Opportunities for Creators on YouTube - Tag products across multiple videos

Last year, YouTube introduced the capability for affiliate shopping creators to tag products across multiple videos at once. Now, YouTube is rolling out this feature to all Shopping creators, enabling them to tag their products and merchandise across their video collection!  This feature can help creators generate more revenue from their evergreen content.

Integrate your Fourthwall shop

YouTube is excited to add Fourthwall to our growing list of integrated platforms, streamlining creators’ ability to craft and manage their narratives directly within YouTube Studio.

With these latest features, YouTube is reinforcing its commitment to supporting creators and enhancing the shopping journey for viewers. From the new Shopping Collections that allow creators to curate their virtual storefronts to the Affiliate Hub packed with exclusive deals, the platform is becoming more interactive and user-friendly. As the shopping landscape on YouTube continues to evolve, both creators and viewers can look forward to an even more engaging and rewarding experience. Spring into action and explore these new features today!