October 2023 YouTube Updates: Phone to TV Delight

October 2023 - Youtube Update - RankWeb

Update Date: October 17, 2023

BY MATTHEW DARBY – “We launched a new look and feel last year, with more modern design elements and features that helped our viewers feel more engrossed while viewing.

But we’re only getting started: we’re releasing a number of new features and design upgrades today to help you get more out of YouTube. Here are a handful of our favorites, whether you’re watching or making videos.”

Discover the Latest YouTube Updates – From Mobile to Web!

Improved Audio Control: We’re making it easier on your ears by improving audio control on mobile devices. We’re now automatically activating “stable volume” to avoid abrupt level swings, resulting in a better overall watching and listening experience.

Video Source: YouTube official blogs (News & Events)

2x Playback Speed: We know a lot of our users enjoy watching videos at twice the pace. It’s now easier than ever. Simply press and hold anywhere on the player to quickly double the playback speed, whether in full-screen or portrait mode. When you’ve reached the desired point in the video, press the release button. This function is accessible via the web, tablets, and mobile devices.

Video Source: YouTube official blogs (News & Events)

Simplified Video Navigation: We’re making it easier to find the best moments in videos, whether they’re moon landings, fashion shows, or clever song bridges. As you seek, we’ll be introducing larger preview thumbnails, and if you change your mind and want to go back to where you started, simply slide your finger back to the original area and lift when you feel a vibration – we’ll transport you right back to where you left off.

Video Source: YouTube official blogs (News & Events)

Lock Screen to Prevent Interruptions: Have unexpected taps interfered with your phone’s video playback? We’re introducing a lock screen feature for mobile and tablets in today’s update, allowing you to lock your screen and avoid unwanted disruptions.

Video Source: YouTube official blogs (News & Events)

Unified “You” Tab: To make it easier to find all of your YouTube material, we’ve combined the Library tab and the account page into a new “You” tab. You can access your previously watched videos, playlists, downloads, purchases, account settings, and channel information from here. On the web, mobile, and tablets, the “You” tab is has taken the place of the “Library” tab.

You tab - youtube update - RankWeb

Image Source: YouTube official blogs (News & Events)

Voice and Song Search: Can’t seem to get that song out of your head? You may now search for songs by playing, singing, or humming, whether you’re singing along to the latest Olivia Rodrigo hit or attempting to identify a tune. Using AI to match the sound to the original recording, this feature will be rolling out in the coming weeks, initially on Android devices.

Video Source: YouTube official blogs (News & Events)

Connecting Viewers and Creators with a Cleaner, More Modern Design

Engaging Animations: We’ve introduced animations to liven up the video-watching experience. When viewers are asked to “like” or “subscribe,” visual signals on these buttons will appear in time with the video. Furthermore, when fans engage with these buttons, they will be rewarded with amusing sparkles. Top comments will cycle automatically, making it simple to scan community commentary. We’ve added an animation to new video uploads that updates view and like counts in real time for the first 24 hours, demonstrating how many other users are engaged with the material.

Video Source: YouTube official blogs (News & Events)

Smart TV Enhancements: We’ve been modernizing the YouTube experience on Smart TVs over the last year, and we’re adding some new features. Viewers on Smart TVs may access video details via a new vertical menu, which provides rapid access to elements such as video descriptions, comments, the subscribe button, and video chapters. To access the menu, simply click on the video title while watching. Similar enhancements are being implemented on the web and mobile platforms, including a scrollable description section with a cleaner look.

Before YouTube experience on Smart TVs - RankWeb
After Update YouTube experience on Smart TVs - RankWeb

Video Source: YouTube official blogs (News & Events)

Over the next few weeks, these modifications will be gradually made available to our users globally. In the future, we’re pleased to expand on these efforts and bring more current design aspects to other sections of YouTube, such as the YouTube Kids app.

All of these features have been inspired by feedback from viewers and creators, and they are part of our continued commitment to improving the YouTube experience for our users.

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