6 New Creation Tools to Elevate Your YouTube Game

6 New Youtube Shorts Creation Tool - RankWeb

In order to provide creators with an easy and entertaining way to create and share short videos on the network, YouTube launched Shorts. They have put a lot of effort into enhancing the ability of creators to express themselves. They’ve created tools that enable creators to remix material from YouTube’s enormous video archive in order to create something original and unique. To assist creators in monetizing their Shorts, they have also enlarged the YouTube Partner Programme. In general, YouTube wants to make it easy for everyone to participate and to create the content they’re enthusiastic about.

Here are 6 exciting updates YouTube announced on August 1st 2023, to improve your Shorts experience:

  1. A new way of remixing with Collab

Video Source: YouTube official blogs (News & Events)

Introducing Collab, a ground-breaking creation tool that lets you create Shorts alongside other YouTube or Shorts videos in a side-by-side style. Creators can easily participate in split-screen creative by choosing from a variety of layout alternatives. Simply choose “Remix” and then “Collab” to begin remixing an acceptable Short or YouTube video.

Collaborate joins the likes of Green Screen, which makes use of a YouTube video or Short as your background, and Cut, which enables you to insert a 1–5 second clip from another video into your Short. Collab is now available to all iOS producers, and in the upcoming weeks, Android users will also be able to use it.

  1. Experiment with Effects and Stickers

Video Source: YouTube official blogs (News & Events)

We’ve added a tonne of brand-new Shorts effects and stickers recently to encourage creators in novel and intriguing ways. The good news, then? Our collection is continuously growing. In the near future, we’ll be releasing a Q&A sticker that will let you engage with your audience, get answers right in the comments, and pose queries such as, “What places should I explore in the Netherlands?” In addition, you can reply to comments with a Short to recognise those that inspire you.

  1. Go Live and Get Discovered on Shorts

Video Source: YouTube official blogs (News & Events)

We’re testing a mobile-first vertical live experience that allows you to get discovered right within the Shorts feed, which is exciting news for live creators. Previews of vertical live videos integrated into the Shorts stream will be shown to viewers in the test group. As they explore further, they’ll find a scrollable feed of additional live videos, opening up fresh possibilities for creators to engage audiences and develop communities.

With features like Super Chat, Super Stickers, and channel memberships, going live is now only a few clicks away. With the revised, more flexible eligibility conditions, this gives a fantastic opportunity for creators who have recently joined our YouTube Partner Programme.

The procedure for going  live for creators remains unchanged, but over the coming months, we’ll progressively roll out this full-screen experience to viewers, giving live creators even more exposure.

  1. Streamline Your Creation with Suggestions

Video Source: YouTube official blogs (News & Events)

We’re now making it simpler for you to produce when the muse calls because inspiration frequently comes at the most inconvenient times. With our new functionality, you may automatically remix a short while smoothly bundling the music and effects from it. Simply tap the Remix button on the Shorts player, choose “use sound,” and we’ll present the same audio timestamp and effect as creation suggestions. Mix and match to make it uniquely yours!

  1. Save Shorts to Playlists

Recently, we made it possible to save Shorts directly from the Shorts feed to playlists. Anyone can create a playlist of their favorite Shorts as a result. Creators, save any effects you find that you love to a playlist so you may access them later and utilize them whenever inspiration strikes.

  1. An Easier Way to Transform Your Videos into Shorts

We’ll start testing recomposition features that make it easier to turn your horizontal videos into Shorts in the coming weeks. Create engaging, unique Shorts by adjusting the layout, zooming in or out, cropping, and even adding split-screen effects to maintain important aspects of your long-form content.

Exciting times are ahead for Shorts, with even more features on the horizon. Stay tuned for additional information, and we can’t wait to see the amazing things you’ll do with these new features. So, what are you waiting for? Go and start using these fantastic new updates today! 

Share your thoughts in the comments and tell us which feature you found most exciting. Keep an eye on future updates and more captivating blog posts!